DiscoverOrg vs. ZoomInfo: How Long Does it Take to Clean Data?

DiscoverOrg vs Bad Data

A company established by Jonathan Stern in 2000, Zoom Information Inc. or ZoomInfo allows its users to work together and collaborate in building its content, encouraging them to contribute information in their own profiles. ZoomInfo also encourages its users to build new ones. They claim having 90 million profiles of businesses and professionals in six million companies.

But users and clients, especially technology marketers who want to target specific IT buyers, could not depend on quantity alone. The challenge of managing voluminous data contributed by individuals is next to impossible. For each new record added, tens or hundreds could be outdated or obsolete. It is difficult to cleanse large number of bad data contributed. There could also be a possibility that the data itself is incorrect or has low-quality.

A bad data can cost huge amount of investments and long hours of lost opportunities for marketers. Bad data can lead to bounced emails, non-responsive prospects or outright rejection due to wrong information.


When comparing DiscoverOrg vs. ZoomInfo, it is wise to review all the products and services offered by both. DiscoverOrg has more accurate and reliable data made available in the market. The company has his own validation team and system analysts who gather data from primary sources. The research team calls hundreds of executives each day to get fresh information and intelligence.

DiscoverOrg has at least 15,000 partners ranked by Fortune and guarantees the validation of data accuracy at least once every 90 days. The experienced researchers and verification team check email addresses, telephone numbers, physical addresses, titles, company profiles and on-going projects regularly to ensure the reliability of it. On top of this, DiscoverOrg has a 24-hour customer service system for reported errors and update requests.

DiscoverOrg Advantages:

- DiscoverOrg gives unlimited access to available data in their database
- DiscoverOrg delivers accurate and reliable data and intelligence
- DiscoverOrg provides prompt and fresh information through its Real Time Triggers and Red Alerts, up-to-the-minute updates on new executives, titles, reporting structures, IT infrastructure and initiatives and ongoing projects among organizations.

Choosing between DiscoverOrg vs. ZoomInfo isn’t a difficult decision to make. DiscoverOrg is more dynamic and comprehensive. The company offers quality customer service and data so it makes sure that marketing teams can pass on good leads to sales professionals by using accurate data on titles, names, direct phone numbers, email addresses, and even reports on company initiatives and key executives. DiscoverOrg has also an after-sale customer care system that enables clients to engage in live chats should they have concerns or requests for updates. The choice is clear, DiscoverOrg comes out on top!

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