Mar 31

Easier Way to Lose Excess Fat: Phen375 versus PhenApex

ObesityObesity is one of the major health problems in most countries nowadays. Health departments are doing everything they can in order to reiterate the importance of having a slim and healthy physique. Governments are reiterating over and over again the importance of having a healthy nation.

Going Back to a Healthier Path

However, despite of the efforts of governments and healthcare institutions, it seems many individuals are deaf and blind with the effects of obesity. Many prefer to stick to their unhealthy habits. Henceforth, there are also people who are enlightened, and they opt to go back to the healthy path. Because of their commitment to fight the devastating effects of obesity, there are a lot of individuals who are in quest, searching for the most effective weight loss solution.

When it comes to weight loss supplements, among the most talked about topics is Phen375 versus PhenApex. Both Phen375 and PhenApex are by-products of Phentermine, and because of this fact, there are a lot of dieters who are eager to know which of these Phentermine babies are more efficient in fighting extra flab.

There are people who say that Phen375 is better, and there are also dieters who say that PhenApex is more effective.

Phen375 versus PhenApex: Which is more effective?

Based on the claims of those who regularly use Phen375, they were able to eliminate extra weight, specifically about 3 to 5 pounds just within the 1st week of usage. The claims of PhenApex enthusiasts are also the same. According to those who patronize PhenApex and Phen375, as early as a week, they noticed significant changes in their body and weight.

Users of PhenApex and Phen375 say that their metabolism processes have been augmented. It has become so easy for them to eradicate excess weight and fat. They also say that their cravings are curbed. According to their reviews, before, whenever they see the food that they love, they immediately grab a piece or 2 of it. However, from the time they have started using PhenApex and Phen375, it has become so easy for them to defy their cravings for their favorite foods.

Rapidly Increased Energy

The users of these weight loss solutions say that their energy also increased. They have more energy which they use in working out.

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Mar 28

Top to Bottom Slope of RainKing Freelance Outsourcing

outsourcingRainKing outsourcing became major news in the IT support service industry. Not only did it degrade the competitiveness of RainKing, it also set a major drawback in its operation. From being a frontrunner in its industry, RainKing fell below the ranks because of its outsourcing decision. Products have lowered in quality, and clients have decreased in number causing for a major collapse of the company. If you are eager to learn the points where RainKing lacked in consideration, feel free to read the following discussion.

  • RainKing freelance outsourcing could have lost sight of its direction. Most probably, the company failed to seek the essence of outsourcing aside from just being a solution for the pressing demand of additional labor pool. There are more to outsourcing than just increasing the number of employees. Equally vital are the ideas of cost-saving and resource allocation. By outsourcing manpower from other areas where the rate is lower, companies can cut costs effectively. If resources are left idle, it can be invested in important business activities and putting it in manpower is key.
  • Without asking the objective and goal of the outsourcing decision, a company may be misled by the operation without getting the needed benefit in return. Moreover, the concept of benefits and risks could have been overlooked. Without proper balancing out of these two opposing factors, a company will definitely end up in the losing side of the bargain.
  • Aside from the future of the company, RainKing freelance outsourcing could have neglected the fate of its employees which in turn discouraged them from staying any longer. Employees need motivation, especially those who are just outsourced from the company. Providing them with training and development drills will help them feel like they belong with the company as a valued asset. Without the much needed inspiration, outsourced freelance data researches will find no sense in staying in the company.
  • One of the most important aspects that RainKing may have missed out to consider is the right type of people to outsource. Several employees are hired without the much needed skills to aid them. Job offerings must be specific when it comes to setting out the nature and description of the job to avoid getting the wrong people to do the job. Because many inexperienced and unskilled freelancers were hired, it resulted to outputs that are relatively low in quality per company standards.
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Mar 04

The Search for the Safest Weight Loss Regimen: Phen375 versus PhenApex

More and more weight loss enthusiasts are going gaga over Phentermine based products. Since the time Phentermine was introduced as an effective weight loss solution, several brands sprouted in the market, telling the dieters that they possess the proper amounts of this powerful weight loss compound.

Because of the increasing number of Phentermine based products, there are a lot of weight loss enthusiasts who feel so overwhelmed and they’re confused about which product to choose. Phen375 and PhenApex are among the soundest brands in the market today. Both of these brands managed to win a large fan database. As a matter of fact, majority of newbie dieters search for these brands over the internet to see which of the 2 is perfect for them. And so, in Phen573 versus PhenApex, which is the best and the safest?

Phen375 -

Phen375 is a form of a fat burner that can assist the natural mechanism of the body to eradicate extra calories. This weight loss brand leverages the metabolism process of the body.

The Perks of Using Phen375:

  •  Decrease the dieter’s appetite and body fat
  •  Improve the metabolic rate
  •  Gives immense amount of energy
  •  No side effects

PhenApex -

Based on the official website of PhenApex, this weight loss supplement can help people achieve the weight loss that they’ve always wanted and stay healthy. There is no need to get a doctor’s prescription in order to grab a bottle of this weight loss solution. It can truly boost the weight loss efforts of dieters.It breaks down the extra fatty tissue and lessens the appetite, to decrease the caloric and carb intake of the dieter.

With PhenApex, engaging in strict and ridiculous dietary plans would be a thing in the past. Among the perks of using PhenApex are:

  •  Dieters will feel full immediately even  though they only eat few spoonfuls of food
  •  Decrease the hunger cravings
  •  It can lessen the caloric intake of the  dieters
  •  It can enhance the metabolic rate of the  dieters
  •  PhenApex can burn off excess calories faster
  •  Possible to lose 3 to 5 lbs a week

Based on the mentioned accounts, in the competition between Phen375 versus PhenApex, PhenApex seems to be the best overall choice because of its amazing benefits and experiences from its users.

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Feb 21

Recipes to a Fruitful Career in Software Engineering from Software Engineer Consultant Mark Johnson

mark johnson sec software engineering articlesSkills can be taught in schools but attitude takes a lot to be learned. If you want to be considered as a superstar in software engineering, you should also embody the personality traits that will lead you to success. Here is a rundown of the characteristics that could help mold you to being the software engineer you want to be.

1. Futuristic mindset. Good software engineers are also excellent visionaries. Developing code is not a nonsense task. Programming is intended to produce a program and an application that will be useful for the society. A code should result to something that will make things better, easier and more efficient for people. Software engineer consultant Mark Johnson SEC is saying that one should be able to look beyond his codes. To be able to build remarkable software, you should see the bigger picture that surrounds present-day realities.

2. Meticulousness. You have to be very keen even on the smallest details. No error should escape your eye. Sometimes, seemingly minor details could render your coding useless. You would end up having to start from scratch. Likewise, you should also be very particular with the usability of your program, application or software. You should make sure users could easily download and install it in their respective workstations or computer units. Likewise, you should also check that there will be no bugs anymore before the program will be released for public usage.

3. Entrepreneurial mindset. When you are developing a certain program or software, you need to understand the role that it will play in the operations of a particular business. Definitely, your software has the potential to increase a company’s operational efficiency. However, a poorly programmed application could also have serious consequences and adverse impacts on the process flow.

What is Software Engineering Consultant– RIT… by markjohnsonsec

4. Curiosity and inquisitiveness. A curious mind is an innovative mind. When one keeps on asking questions on why and how things are currently being done, he will also seek to find ways to improve on them. Questions could be the start of innovation. Indeed, every software program is considered to be an attempt to answer questions and to improve gaps in the existing processes and applications.

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5. The best software is born from a single question. The thrill and challenge to accomplishing this huge challenge would actually be the lifeblood of every experts like software engineer consultant Mark Johnson. When the going gets tough, the fulfillment that lies ahead will fuel you to pursue what you have started.

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Feb 11

Keys to Being a Good Programming Expert According to Software Engineer Consultant Mark Johnson

mark johnson sec software engineering articlesPeople tend to associate the profession of being a software engineer to being a social isolated geek whose world revolves around his workstation. However, software engineer consultant Mark Johnson is saying that this is not necessarily the case. Being a software engineer can also be fun and exciting. This job requires more than just the knowledge in tinkering with codes.

If you want to make it big in the software engineering field, there are certain qualities and characteristics you should embody. After all, software engineers are not hermits who imprison themselves inside their respective work caves.

1. Impeccable technical skills. According to software engineer consultant Mark Johnson FBI, you do not deserve to be a software engineer if you hate codes and computers. You need more than just basic computer literacy to make it big and build your own name in the field of computer engineering. You should always bear in mind that the demand for IT professionals continues to increase and heighten. Thus, you could not afford to be complacent with what you know and what you can do. You need to brush up on your competencies regularly. It is the only way you can avoid being left behind.

2. Passion in programming. Programming is not as simple as it sounds. If you think programming is all about memorizing codes, you are surely missing the mark. Understanding programming techniques and rules is not an easy feat. If you are trying to learn it only for work, it will surely be a huge hurdle for you. You have to be genuinely interested in understanding how it works. Undeniably, there is truth to the mantra that if you are passionate in what you are doing, work will not seem like work anymore.

High Paying Software Engineer Consultant (SEC… by markjohnsonsec

3. Vision. A code is more than just a random combination of letters. Codes are developed to produce something that would be applicable and useful in the future. For software engineer consultant Mark Johnson, one must be able to see the bigger picture to which the codes will be used for. When a person understands the bigger picture, he will be able to carry out the assigned task properly.

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4. Attention to details. Yes, you have to be meticulous. If you get easily pissed off with incorrect spellings in the database columns and other programming errors, you will most likely be more careful not to commit these mistakes yourself. The more particular you are with the details, the better. In fact, software stars actually have a keen eye for details.

Curiosity. You should be naturally inquisitive and determined to find solutions for common problems. This inquisitive nature will make you go places.

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Feb 01

Indispensable Skills of Successful Software Engineers According to Software Engineer Consultant Mark Johnson

mark johnson sec software engineering articlesGetting into the software engineering profession is also a rat race. The competencies you may be proud of now may no longer be relevant in a couple of months. You definitely would not wish to be left behind in this rat race. To maintain your competitive advantage, there are a handful of skills you need to sharpen regularly and consistently.

Taking an extra mile to update yourself of new technologies and trends could go a long way. These skills are the ingredients that compose the recipe for a successful and long-lasting career. It’s time to learn from software engineer consultant Mark Johnson SEC. As long as you’re on track with these skill sets, you can foresee a profitable venture until your retirement.

  • The cleverness in solving problems. Problem-solving skills are one of the most critical requisites to being a topnotch software engineer or software developer. It is indeed necessary to emphasize that solving problems is the core of software development. Different software programs and applications are developed and created with the aim of presenting solutions to persistent problems and concerns.

Similar to other technological platforms, software development and software engineering are geared towards making people’s day-to-day tasks more efficient and convenient. Software engineer consultant Mark Johnson is expected to be quick to spot potential solutions to bridge the gap between how things are and how things should be.

  • The openness to learn and to be taught by others. Some would describe software development or software engineering as a self-taught skill. Nevertheless, you could still learn a thing or two by listening and observing what other software engineers work on. The field of software creation is always on the move.

Day in The Life – Software Engineer by Mark… by markjohnsonsec

Trends and changes take place every now and then. It would be really hard to keep up with the fast-paced evolution and development in this field. There are trends that you may miss out if you just rely on self-learning. Nevertheless, the openness and humility to acknowledge that there’s still a lot for you to learn could bring you to places. Sometimes, this would even spell the difference between success and failure.

  • In addition, you should continue to read up on what’s going on in the large-scale world of technology. Internet could be your best friend since it could give you the access to a goldmine of information. You can already get a lot of ideas with just one click.
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Jan 21

Software Engineering Consultant Mark Johnson – Know Your Audience

mark johnson sec software engineer tipsSoftware Engineering Consultant Mark Johnson knows that all consultants take pride in what they do and like to show off their status. As an expert in your field you deserve respect but do not let things go to your head. One of the most common mistakes consultants make is they think that using the deepest and most cryptic jargons they know is a sign of expertise. This is not true. A true expert is one who is clearly understood.

Adapt to Your Audience

You should match the technical knowledge of the people you are talking to. Remember that you are an expert and you cannot expect others to go up to your level of knowledge so go down to their level of understanding instead. This way the conversations will become more fluid and both parties will understand each other better. For example, if you need to talk to someone who is part of the technical support team, you can go technical regarding items connected to system administration but not things about programming or web development. If you are talking to your bosses such as those who are part of company management then you should avoid going technical at all.

Take Care in Giving Instructions

As a consultant you will often be required to write instructions and other letters to members of your staff or members of other teams. You should consider who will receive the letter as you draft your message. For example, if the letter is addressed to a member of your team then you can go all out and use all the technical jargons you can think of. But if you are writing to an end user such as a client then use as few technical jargons as you can manage. Writing to end users will actually be harder since sometimes it takes several sentences to say what one simple jargon can convey.

What is Software Engineering Consultant– RIT Student Perspective from Mark Johnson SEC on Vimeo.



Take Control of Stress

You must always showcase stability under pressure and never let stress get the best of you. No matter how close the deadlines you need to meet are you need to remain composed when talking with people below or above you. Members of your team look to you for leadership so you should not show them you are panicking. The same goes for the management. The management hired you to keep things under control so you should never give them the impression that things are getting out of hand. Mark Johnson SEC (Software Engineering Consultant) always says that your confidence should always be greater than any uncertainty. Remember that you are the best in what you do.

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Jan 11

Software Engineering Consultant Mark Johnson Tells Don’t Annoy Management

mark johnson sec software engineer tips

A consultant works directly under the managing body of the organization. In relation to this, Software Engineering Consultant Mark Johnson stresses the importance of maintaining a good relationship with management. Remember that management itself will be the one to evaluation you and decide to keep you as consultant and/or promote you to a higher position or reward you with a salary increase. Your performance will still be the most important factor but next to that is maintaining a professional and stable relationship with the decision makers. It does not necessarily mean that you should act as a puppet and not raise issues even if there are issues regarding their decisions. Just be professional in performing your duties.

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Be on time

Regardless of how important you are to the company you must still come on time. Do not be arrogant just because you know you are the go-to guy. Stay professional. Being late may not only cause delays regarding the project but more importantly will send negative signals to the management regarding your dedication to the project and your reliability as a consultant overall. Your position demands respect as an expert in what you do. This also brings with it the responsibility of being a role model to others.

Wear Proper Attire

It is up to the company whether or not to implement a dress code on its consultants. If there is a dress code, be professional and follow it. If there is no dress code, have the decency to dress properly and not go to the site looking more casual than the members of your team. Remember that you are an expert so dress to look like one. Your haircut and facial hair should also be trimmed. Do not even attempt to test the limits of the company’s tolerance in terms of attire and hygiene. The risks are simply not worth it.

High Paying Software Engineer Consultant (SEC… by markjohnsonsec

Be Client-Facing

Software Engineering Consultant Mark Johnson also puts certain focus on knowing your audience. Use technical terms depending on who you are talking to. If you are speaking with members of your team then by all means go as technical as you can be. But if you are talking to the management or to clients of the company then make sure that you don’t confuse them with words they have no idea about.

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Jan 02

Become the Go-to Guy Says (SEC) Software Engineering Consultant Mark Johnson

Computer Software Engineers Consultant Job Description by Mark Johnson from Mark Johnson SEC on Vimeo.



Software Engineer Consultant Mark Johnson speaks of the importance of impressing your client. This is because consultants are often hired on a per project basis and it is based on your performance on an assignment whether the company will continue to employ your services or look for a replacement. The best way to stand out is to establish yourself as a go-to guy. This means that you will be the only one in the entire organization that can take charge of a particular area or field. This means that you will be the only one they can approach regarding concerns related to your specialization. This will cement your status as irreplaceable.

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Follow the Formula

There is a certain formula developed by Mark Johnson SEC that a consultant can follow to make sure he quickly becomes the go-to guy of the organization that hires him. The first part of the formula is to select a specialization that is most hated by the industry. Choose one that is most annoying and repulsive to your colleagues. This will not only ensure that there will be little competition but will also make it very easy for you to stand out and get noticed by prospects and possible clients. Once employed, you will likely be the only one in the organization that can deal with problems everyone else is running from. Company management will surely take notice of this. The image of solving something other professionals cannot even explain properly will surely raise your market value.

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Always Strive for More

Even if you are the only one the organization can turn to you should never be complacent. Never be contented with your current knowledge and skills. Always aim to improve yourself as if your position is under constant threat from an unknown competitor. At least complete the recommended units for continuous professional education. If you have the time to spend, you can choose to complete even more units. Also make sure you remain updated of the latest news, trends, and innovations relevant to your field of specialisation. You can also widen your influence by becoming the member of the prominent organizations relevant to your field.

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Dec 26

The Guide to Flipora for Mozilla Firefox Users

In all of recent technology, The Flipora toolbar is sure to turn many heads. Acting as a smart search engine, it lets you explore new web content, while archiving your older search history for better results. That makes it essential to download the Flipora toolbar into your web browser. As an avid user of Mozilla Firefox, I’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to install Flipora toolbar for your Mozilla Firefox homepage. Here’s the how to:

  1. First, open the Flipora home page and log in with your details (either an email account or your Facebook details would do). Then, click on to the profile tab in the extreme right hand corner, and click on ‘Download’.
  2. Click on the download dialog box which opens up in a new page, and then ‘Allow’ for the installation to begin.
  3. Penultimately, click on ‘Install Now’ when prompted, and wait as the program installs the Flipora toolbar into your Mozilla Firefox browser.
  4. Click on ‘Restart Now’ to close the open window, and the open up a new page to use the toolbar.

Similarly, there’s an easy step-by-step guide for you to follow if you ever wish to uninstall Flipora toolbar. Here are the steps for the uninstallation process:

  1. Click on Menu ‘Tools’ in the left hand side of your browser and then head over to Add-ons extension.
  2.  Select “Extensions” tab and proceed to click “Remove” button for “Flipora – Connect with friends and discover the best of the Web”.
  3. Restart the web browser!

Hope the user manual helped you figure out the installation and uninstallation process! Have fun flipping a whole new world of web content!

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